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Churnet Valley Railway (1992) plc

Incorporated in England and Wales No. 2760505

I⁄We apply for the number mentioned below of Ordinary Shares of £1 each in the Company ("Shares") at £1 per Share and enclose my⁄our remittance for the amount stated being the sum payable on application for such Shares.

Procedure for Application

  1. Insert at A the number of Shares for which you are applying, together with the amount of your payment. Applications should be for a minimum of 100 Shares at a cost of £1 per Share.
  2. Complete B.
  3. Complete C.
  4. Complete D if you wish to receive communications from the Company by email and website. If not leave blank.
  5. If applicable, complete E.
  6. Complete F.
  7. The completed application form together with your cheque, banker’s draft or card details for the full amount payable (if not paying online) on application should be sent to Share Administrator, Churnet Valley Railway (1992) PLC, Kingsley and Froghall Station, Froghall, Staffordshire ST10 2HA so as to arrive as soon as possible.

A. Please insert the total number of shares that you are applying for and the total amount payable on the application.

Total number of Shares
(minimum £100)

Amount payable
(minimum £100)

B. To the Directors

I ⁄ We request you to allot to me ⁄ us such number of Shares upon the terms of the Company's Prospectus and subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. I ⁄ We hereby agree to accept the same or any lesser number of Shares in respect of which this application is accepted, together with a cheque for any monies returnable, by post at my ⁄ our risk to the address first written below.I ⁄ We warrant and declare that the due completion and delivery of this form accompanied by a remittance will constitute a legally enforceable promise by me ⁄ us that the remittance attached will be met on first presentation and any such allotment is made strictly on this understanding.

Shareholder #1 (required):

Shareholder #2 (optional):

C. Telephone number for contact purposes in connection with this application.

D. I ⁄ We confirm that I ⁄ we wish to receive future communications from the Company by email or by email alert to information on the Company's website.

E. Enterprise Investment Scheme:

F. Desired payment method:

A copy of the Prospectus issued by Churnet Valley Railway (1992) PLC ,can be obtained from the Company's Registered Office. Or by clicking here