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Carriage and Wagon

Head of Department -: Brian Mullen / Martin Baddeley

The Churnet Valley Railway C&W department is at the forefront of the successful operation of the railway. Brian has at his disposal a team of skillful and enthusiastic volunteers who are prepared to try their hand at a wide range of projects.

The workload of the department can be split into three main areas:

" Ongoing maintenance of current rolling stock

" Large restoration projects

" Other tasks such as the maintenance of fences, level crossing gates, station furniture etc.


Maintenance of Rolling Stock





Carriage and Wagon Projects



The biggest job undertaken by the C&W department was the refurbishment and conversion of a Mark 1 FK coach into an FO. This involved removing external doors, and adding windows as well as a comprehensive rebuild of a ‘wreck’. The pictures below show the various stages of the rebuild.




Other Projects




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