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Kingsley & Froghall Station

Kingsley & Froghall station currently the southern terminus of the line, and the start point for many of our visitors being situated along the A52. Like so many NSR stations it's particularly near neither Kingsley or Froghall villages, and a short walk was therefore necessary to catch the train. The station was situated at the bottom of the valley near to Thomas Bolton's copper factory and one of the stations biggest demands was to transport  workers to and from the factory.

After the line closed, the original station building was demolished in 1968 and the entire site razed to the ground shortly afterwards. All that remained was the single line running through to the sand quarry at Oakamoor, such was the thoroughness of the demolition, until that itself closed to traffic in 1988.

In 1998, the Churnet Valley Railway launched a Share Issue to fund re-opening the line to Kingsley & Froghall and rebuilding a close approximation of the original station building. This was very successful and the first public train to run to Kingsley & Froghall, since closure, ran on the 11th August 2001 filling a gap of more than 40 years.

Work commenced on constructing the new station building in 2003, funded by the Share Issue and a number of grants. The construction work lasted 10 months and many problems had to be overcome before the work was successfully completed. The heavy building work was carried put out to tender whilst a vast amount of the remaining work and finishing off was carried out by a small number of unpaid volunteers. 

The building opened to the public in July 2003 and features a large waiting room, superb Victorian style tea rooms, a booking office and toilets. The Station also accommodates the headquarters and administration offices of the Railway.

An official opening of the station, carried out by Mr Pete Waterman, followed shortly afterwards. 

The Victorian style tea rooms are particularly delightful and well deserve a visit in themselves. They are open on running days (10 - 4) and serve a wide range of food and drinks to passengers and non-passengers alike. 

An exact replica of Froghall's original telegraph pole route (long since removed) has just been installed to further enhance the ambience of the station. Further improvements will include an outdoor eating area, a picnic meadow and full landscaping of the surrounding grounds. 

Most locos take on water at Kingsley & Froghall and always attract a good deal of attention from the gathered onlookers before the loco 'runs around' the train to begin the journey back to Consall. 

An original NSR signal box (ex-Rushton Spencer) has been restored and located at Kingsley & Froghall to further enhance the station area. A gallery showing its move and restoration can be found here. 

Attractions at Kingsley & Froghall include: 
• Newly opened station with its superb tea rooms and convincing replica waiting room and booking office 
• Toilet facilities, also suitable for mother and baby and the disabled 
• Gift shop 
• Froghall Wharf and the Caldon Canal only a short walk from the station 
• Ample car parking with disabled spaces near to the station building 
• The Railway Inn public house only one minute's walk away 
• Licensed for marriages

Kingsley & Froghall station in the 1950s

The finished Kingsley & Froghall station (Chris Barlow)

Kingsley & Froghall Tea Rooms (Chris Barlow)

A Busy Froghall Station

80098 takes on water at Kingsley & Froghall (Dave Gibson)

A 'down' service leaving Kingsley & Froghall for Consall (Dave Gibson)

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