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Travelling Ticket Inspector

Head of Department -: Eddie Golder

Whilst enjoying the views from your wide-windowed 1950s carriage, a friendly face will come along and ask to see your ticket. Our Travelling Ticket Inspectors perform a vital role, not only by checking your ticket but being on-hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our railway.

On a typical day at the Railway a Travelling Ticket Inspector (TTI) would perform the following duties -:

  • Helping the Guard to prepare the train, including reserving seats as necessary
  • Clipping Tickets
  • Selling tickets on the train
  • Recording passenger numbers
  • Collecting litter and keeping the trains clean
  • Answering passenger questions regarding the history of the line and future plans

TTI's are instructed during training to be smart and helpful to the passengers so their visit is enjoyable.

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